Party masks

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Showing 1–16 of 105 results

Mamelok party masks have been bringing a new dimension to parties, celebrations, wedding receptions and corporate events for decades.

In keeping with the values that we apply to the scrap reliefs range, Mamelok masks feature wonderful bespoke illustrations and are all embossed and diecut. They are designed as half face and are created to help the masks blend with your skin tone. An additional benefit of a half-face mask is that it can be worn throughout a party as it enables the wearer to eat and drink while adopting the relevant persona.

The Mamelok party mask collection has grown to include sets such as the Historical range, incorporating famous faces from throughout history, along with the National Portrait Gallery range, which again includes a number of historical heavyweights. The Roaring Twenties range showcases popular styles from one of the most dazzling decades in recent history, while the Moyses Hall and Stockholm ranges are populated with quirky and memorable characters. Younger audiences are served with the charming Alice in Wonderland range and the Venetian selection is redolent of famous Italian masked balls. Perhaps the most popular ranges, however, are the Icons of the 20th Century and the Musical Icons sets, which include legends from the movies and the popular music scene.

Mamelok party masks have a timeless quality that leaves a lasting impression and with – in the main – a set of eight designs split equally between male and female characters they are perfect for dinner parties filled with laughter!