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Mamelok originates from Breslau, now known as Wroclaw, in Poland, and was launched in the first half of the 19th century. One of the first commercial colour printing companies, Mamelok developed as a publisher by selling religious pictures (also known as oleographs) and embossed scrap reliefs. The company came to London in 1940 and in 1968 moved to Bury St Edmunds in 1968 before buying a German company called Heilbronn und Pinner (known as H&P Decorations).

Now based just outside Cambridge, Mamelok continues to sell products to trade customers and direct to the public via this website. As a result, you can now buy our products all over the world in shops, museums and galleries, via mail order and online.

In the USA, we have a local distributor for our masks: Louis Klaitman of Lookinglass - Tel: 510-280-3800 or email And our distributor for all products in France is Gildas de Lignières of Orval Creation Diffusion in Aulnay de Saintonge - Tel: 05 46 32 45 73 or email

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